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I Am Made Of

Anti-Wank And Hugs


title me { blue sky }Name: Masa-chan
Age: 17
AIM: masaki795
E-mail: masatchi@gmail.com
DOB: March 17th


Likes: Food, pretty things, sunshine, video games, my computer, sharp and pointy objects, cute things, kitties, sleep, sailing, anime, riding the train, Seattle, unagi, good fanfiction, hanging out with friends, coca cola in a can, Show wa Hey!Say!, being the only one at home, Spock, quantum physics, thermite, Thin Mints
Dislikes: Rain, cold, being hungry, fretting, waiting for the bus, being sick, tomatoes, second cousin M and his family except for his younger son D, grumpy people, having to talk seriously, personal statements, the SAT, having to memorize things